Getting the right care makes all the difference

Tell our new Government what good care looks like.

No one deserves to suffer in silence when they are denied the basic care to help them with their illness or condition. Yet at least 1.4 million people, that’s larger than the population of Birmingham, are not getting the care they need. That’s help with getting dressed, or help with meals, or it can be the support to go to work or live independently.

Please help end the silence and join us in telling the new Government why good care is so important.

We’ve been told: 

Good social care would mean… us being free.

“We have become prisoners in our own home because of the cuts.”

Tell us either:

What would good care mean to you or your loved ones? (If you don’t get all the care you need)


What does good care mean to you or your loved ones? (If you do get the care you need)

Please share your stories with us so we can show the new Government that as a country it’s #TimeToCare and ensure everyone regardless of age or condition gets the care they deserve to live safely and happily, fulfilling their potential. No one should suffer in silence.

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